Strategic Advisors

Mark Corrigan, M.D.

Dr. Corrigan has over 30 years of experience in treating psychiatric and central nervous system disorders.  He is a seasoned life sciences executive and retains significant interest in helping new companies be successful and discover new drugs, principally for CNS indications.  As a principal investigator for several novel antipsychotics and was involved in the development of numerous drugs, including Lunesta, Xopenex and Reboxitine.  Mark served as CEO of Zalicus, leading them through their merger with Epirus.  Previously, he was also executive vice president of research and development at Sepracor as well as Group Vice President of Global Research and Experimental Medicine at Pharmacia & Upjohn.  He is currently Executive Chairman of BlackThorn Therapeutics.

John Shumway

John is a corporate leader and serial entrepreneur with a broad range of experiences in both the tech and biotech industries.   He is an expert in starting and running strategic initiatives to drive long term company growth through new product line creation and product-oriented business development and has extensive experience in strategic partnering, as well as M&A and capital acquisition. Previously, John was the Vice President of Product Marketing and General Manager of Business Development at Akamai Technologies.  He is currently CEO of I2BioMed, Managing Director of RevPath Partners and Executive-in-Residence at Progress Partners, a boutique investment bank (Boston and New York).

Adam Rosenberg

Adam is a serial entrepreneur having over 20 years of experience in founding, leading and advising innovative healthcare and technology companies.  He has co-founded numerous companies.  In particular, Mark has applied a broad entrepreneurial experience in neuroscience to found both Teleos Therapeutics, a biotech company that utilizes in vivo phenotypic screening to discovery new treatments for CNS disorders, and Link Medicine, a company having a goal of developing novel treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.  Mark is currently President and CEO of Rodin Therapeutics and Advisor to Atlas Venture.


Scientific & Clinical Advisors

Herbert Waldmann, Ph.D.

Professor Waldmann is the chair of the Department of Chemical Biology at the Max Plank Institute of Molecular Physiology as well the head of the Chemical Genomics Center of the Max Planck Society.  Author of more than 500 peer-reviewed scientific publications, he has been awarded numerous academic distinctions, including the Emil-Fischer Medal of the German Chemical Society, one of the highest distinctions in Organic Chemistry in Germany.  Herbert is recognized at the international level as an expert in the areas of chemical biology and in integrating cheminformatics, bioinformatics, and synthetic methodology to explore biologically relevant chemistry space.  Key research interests include the analysis of natural product structure for biology-oriented synthesis (BIOS), which employs biological relevance and pre-validation to identify novel bioactive compounds for the study of biology. This work includes the design and synthesis of natural-product-inspired compound collections and the development of novel enantioselective synthesis methodology, cell-based screening, and identification of the cellular targets of bioactive compounds.