Blue Oak’s Vision

  • Our primary focus is helping patients to achieve a better quality of life by creating new medicines that treat neurobehavioral diseases in ways that are superior to current treatments.
  • Blue Oak will rapidly and efficiently discover novel therapeutic mechanisms, privileged structures and clinical drugs that are different from and superior to historical mechanisms.
  • We will vigorously search out and embrace new technologies, complex data sets and scientific findings to drive the discovery of CNS drugs that are fundamentally different from the molecular target-centric approaches of the industry over the past 25 years.
  • Our key competitive advantage will be the integrated use of large systems biology data sets, medicinal and computational chemistry and the use of translational medicine to improve the speed and success of early clinical studies.
  • While building our internal clinical capabilities, for clinical development, Blue Oak will initially seek to partner with pharma companies having prior experience in CNS development and commercialization who want to fill gaps in their pipeline or re-engage in an area they have deprioritized